Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC - 2022

An aerial view of LLNL’s Lake Haussmann and surrounding facilities.
The Laboratory’s Central Cafeteria (foreground), an office building (left), and the main Livermore Computing facility surround Lake Haussmann.

Overseeing management and operation of the Laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration

LLNS is a limited liability company managed by Bechtel National, Inc.; the University of California; BWXT Government Group, Inc.; and Amentum Environment & Energy, Inc. Battelle Memorial Institute also participates in LLNS as a teaming subcontractor. Cutting-edge science is enhanced through the expertise of the University of California and its 10 campuses and LLNS’ affiliation with the Texas A&M University system.






LLNS Organization and Board Members chart in FY22



Jay Sures

Board Chair

Regent, University of California
Vice Chairman of United Talent Agency

John Howanitz

Board Vice Chair

General Manager,
Nuclear Security & Environment’s 
Nuclear Security and Operations
Bechtel National, Inc.

Dena Volovar

Member of the Business, Operations, and Security Committee

Executive Vice President,
Nuclear, Security, and Environment
Global Business Unit
Bechtel National, Inc.

Craig Leasure

Chair of the Nominations and Compensation Committee

Vice President for National Laboratories,
University of California,
Office of the President

Heatherly Dukes

Member of the Business, Operations, and Security Committee

President, BWX Technologies,
Technical Service Group

Robert Powell

Chair of the Science and Technology Committee

Professor of Chemical Engineering and
of Food Science and Technology,
University of California, Davis


Michael Anastasio

Member of Mission Committee

Former Director for LANL and LLNL
University of California

Bob Degrasse

Chair of the Business, Operations, and Security Committee

Vice President and Manager
for Government Affairs
Bechtel National, Inc.

Jose Hernandez

President and Chief Executive Officer,
Tierra Luna Engineering, LLC
University of California

Jim Blankenhorn (Ex Officio)

Senior Vice President NNSA Sector Lead


Kevin Chilton

Member of Mission Committee

General, U.S. Air Force (Retired)

Jim Henry

Chair of the Ethics and Audit Committee

Partner (Retired),
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Steven Koonin

Chair of the Mission Committee

Director, Center for Urban
Science and Progress
New York University

Richard Mies

Member of the Mission Committee

Admiral, U.S. Navy (Retired);
Former Commander in Chief,
U.S. Strategic Command


pie chart of LLNL FY 2021 Portfolio


LLNL Director Emeritus George Miller

Sandia VP Emeritus Miriam John Honored with Foster Medal

Members of the national security community honored Miriam “Mim” John as she was presented the John S. Foster Jr. Medal in September 2022. Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) Vice President Emeritus John was recognized for her decades of service, including leadership of SNL’s California Division and her expertise in a vast range of national-security related fields, such as nuclear weapons, nonproliferation, and chemical and biological defense. She is the seventh recipient of the Foster Medal.