FY 2018 Annual Report

Science and Technology on a Mission

Introduction to the LLNL FY 2018 Annual Report

Nuclear Deterrence

Ensuring the safety, security, and effectiveness of the enduring stockpile

National Ignition Facility

Supporting stockpile stewardship through a wide range of nonignition experiments and pursuit of laser fusion ignition, and operating as a national user facility for high-energy-density science

Global Security

Reducing the threat from terrorism and weapons of mass destruction and enhancing global stability

Energy and Environment

Using science and technology to improve national energy security and surety, protect the environment, and understand and mitigate climate change

Science and Technology

Expanding the boundaries of scientific knowledge and advancing the technological state of the art to solve problems of national and global importance

Safe, Secure, and Sustainable Operations

Conducting safe, secure, and environmentally sound operations and modernizing the Laboratory’s infrastructure to meet evolving mission needs

Managing for the Future

Positioning the Laboratory for continuing excellence in science and technology directed at important national missions

Community Connections

Supporting local communities through science education and charitable giving

Workforce Recognition

Acknowledging exceptional performance and expertise

Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC

Overseeing management and operating the Laboratory for DOE/NNSA